I’m talking about EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT is a form of psychological acupressure that uses tapping instead of needles on acupuncture points on the face and body. This tapping is combined with verbalizing the problem.

The originator of EFT, Gary Craig, learned that all negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system. The energy system is made up of meridians in Chinese medicine. Tapping on these meridian points while focusing on the negative emotion can help reverse the disruption in the energy.

Negative emotions around certain areas of our business end up as obstacles, or blocks to our success.

EFT Is the Best Technique For Removing Negative Emotional Blocks to Your Success

I have used EFT myself and I have taught it to many network marketers and other home business owners. Almost everyone who uses EFT to clear negative issues around their business are having much more success than those who don’t use it.

I have successfully used EFT myself and taught others how to dissolve fears, anxieties, stresses and uncomfortable feelings about things in their business like these:

  • Fear of talking to people about your network marketing business
  • Anxiety about picking up the phone and calling a prospect
  • Fear of approaching people about your product
  • Anxiety about leading a team
  • Stress about the economic situation
  • Sabotaging your success
  • Procrastination
  • Much more
  • I have had great results using EFT on myself and teaching it to my downline.

    EFT For Network Marketers may be what you’ve been waiting for.

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    16 years ago I began my career in network marketing. We had been looking for a solution to our financial situation. Network marketing was a way I could work from home and at least supplement our income but I really wanted to build a business where we could actually have freedom both time and financially.

    There was a big problem! I was very shy. I knew to be successful I had to be a leader but the thought of that terrified me. To top it off, the marketing techniques they taught us made me really uncomfortable.

    Maybe you know the techniques I’m talking about:

    • Make your list of 100 friends and family then accost them and sign them up.
    • Gang up on people with 3 way calling
    • 3 foot rule – Go to the mall & pounce on anyone that comes within 3 feet.
    • Cold Calling


    I tried them all because I was determined to have FREEDOM. I hated what I was doing. My stomach was tied up in knots and I was an emotional mess.

    I knew there had to be a better way so I refused to build my business the way they were telling me to. Still, there were so many fears around being a leader.

    I managed to succeed in building my business in spite of all my fears and emotional struggles, then a few years into my journey I learned a really cool technique called EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique.

    Once I learned EFT I started using it to clear all kinds of fears and negative emotions I had about my business. The more I used it the more free and confident I felt as I was marketing my business.

    Pretty soon I was teaching downline members and noticing that the ones who were using EFT were thriving in their business.

    EFT was really helpful in overcoming negative emotions I had to deal with as people kept telling me this wouldn’t work. One relative told me to stop selling herbs and get a real job. It can be an uphill battle building a business in the midst of all that negativity. EFT has been a life saver that I have been able to use to clear the negative emotions that came from dealing with

    Don’t you just hate it when people try to steal your dreams?

    That’s just one of the reasons I created my Ebook, EFT For Network Marketers.

    When you use the EFT Tapping Scripts that were designed especially for issues that network marketers and home business owners experience, you can release emotional blocks that would slow you down in your business.

    Maybe you are a bit like me and want to change your life. Building a successful network marketing business was a solution to our economic crisis.

    Here’s My Story:

    We were in a real financial mess at the time. I mean a real MESS! My husband had been having health problems and he ended up losing his job.

    We were in such a desperate financial state that they shut off our electric and phone, we nearly lost our house. Several times we went to the grocery store with $20.00. Let me tell you, it is a real challenge to squeeze several meals out of $20.00. We ate a lot of rice that year. We made too much money to get government help but not enough to cover all our bills.

    We were desperate to find a way to earn enough money just to exist. During that time we learned about network marketing and thought it could be the solution to our financial problems. I wanted to build something where I could work from home and eventually ditch the crappy low paying jobs.

    That was 16 years ago and the start of my journey with network marketing. I had a dream and a direction to go and I was determined that nothing would stop me.

    I went to work doing all the things that we were told to do. The 3 foot rule: Go to the mall and talk to anyone and everyone who comes within three feet of you, cold calling leads, making a list of 100 and three way calling them.

    I did all these things and more but not for long. I hated those methods and I refused to do them. I knew there had to be a better way so I developed ways to put my information out there and get people to come to me.

    I had found my groove, or at least one I could live with, and I started working toward my mission of growing a business that would give us freedom both of time and our financial mess.

    It was a struggle building my business because of all of my fears.

    I was really shy around people I don’t know and I had phone phobia in a huge way. It was like that phone weighed 500 pounds. I had to call these people but I had to psyche myself up for it. These were people who responded to one of my ads and left their info in my 800# voicemail.

    It was a real struggle in the early days but I was bullheaded and would not give up on my dream so I pressed on.
    It was about 3 years into my business when I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique. I started using EFT for all kinds of things.

    A simple little technique of tapping on acupuncture meridian points could help me release fears that were slowing me down in my business? Could it really be?

    YES!! EFT has been a blessing for my business and my overall self-esteem.

    My self-esteem used to be really the pits but with EFT I have been able to raise it a lot. I now am doing things I said I would NEVER do.

    I still won’t do the three way calls and cold calling. There are much better ways that are actually fun.

    Since learning EFT I have taught it to many other network marketers besides those in my downline.

    When you get my Ebook today, I will teach you how to do EFT and to use it to release
    emotional issues that are blocking success in your business.

    Here are a few examples of things you will learn:

    EFT can help in the following ways:

  • Release fears about prospecting
  • Clear negative feelings about people who try to kill your dreams
  • Release fear of success
  • Release fear of failure
  • Let go of the habit of procrastination
  • Neutralize emotional issues around doing follow up
  • Change limiting beliefs and build a mindset of abundance
  • Stop self-sabotage
  • Start reprogramming those negative patterns with positive self confidence.

  • EFT For Network Marketers may be what you’ve been waiting for.

    You can download the book right now for $17.00

    Get the Ebook: EFT for Network Marketers